Fishing baits are the substances that are used to attract fishes, and it is usually attached to the end of the fishing hook or in the fish trap. Initially, people used insects, night crawlers, smaller fishes etc. Now people use plastic and even electronic lures to attract the fishes. Fishes are more attracted to bait like croakers and shrimps. There are two main categories of fishing baits, and they are artificial baits and natural baits. Artificial baits include methods to lure the fish into the trap by keeping something that resembles a prey or a small fish. Natural baits include worms, insects, salamanders, leeches etc.

Six Different types of Bait used for Fishing

The following are some of the natural baits used in fishing:


Leeches are great for catching walleye and pikes. It can be quite hard to collect leaches so you can buy them from the bait shop for fishing purposes. Most of the fishes are attracted to the swimming and wriggling motion of the leeches in water. If you happen to shake the rod faster than usual, the fishes will get scared. You can keep the leeches in refrigerators to store them for a longer time.


Worms are one of the easiest types of natural baits to get. You can collect them from the ground, and they are also found in abundance. You can even buy them at a bait shop for a very low price. Earthworms are best for catching fishes like walleyes, bass, sunfish and trout. When you are fishing with worms, make sure that the worm is small. If the worm is big, the fish will nibble off the part that is not on the hook and goes away.


If you happen to live in an area where there are many insects, then you can collect insects and use them as baits. You can catch grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles, ants etc. By using insects, you will be able to catch fishes like sunfish and trout.

Dough balls:

Dough balls are the combination of multiple baits. Dough balls are made out of specific lures that a particular fish is attracted and they are smashed together into a ball. You can buy them at the bait store, or you can even make them by yourself. You first need to figure out which fish you are going to catch and once you know that you can start to combine all the pieces and make them into a ball and use it as baits.

Clams and Mussels:

Clams and mussels are mostly found in shallow water, and you can collect them while fishing and use them as baits. You can use a thread to tie the mussels to the hook if they happen to fall off the hook.


Minnows are often sold at the bait store, and they are an excellent source of bait. Make sure that it is legal to catch minnows in your area as there are many restrictions to catching minnows.